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How to remove hair

How to remove hair – Traditional and Modern Methods


How to remove hair  If you are wondering how to remove hair from your face or any other part of your body, then you should know that it is not something you have to worry about. Technology has made it very easy to get rid of unwanted hair with no stress at all. Even though cosmetologist have not managed to develop a method that would allow to get rid of unwanted hair forever, they have developed ways to remove hair for both short and long period of time.  Choosing one of both methods depends on your preference, but be rest assured that they can both give you a perfectly smooth and silky skin. Below are some methods of removing unwanted hair.

How to remove hair with wax or sugar:

This is the most ancient method of removing unwanted hair from the body.  Some call it the Sugar and Wax Epilation method. It was believed that this method was invented back in Ancient Egypt and was practiced several centuries ago, but the truth is it is still one of the popular methods of hair removal.  The procedure involves removing unwanted hair using warm (not hot) wax or a paste of heated sugar. One of the key advantages of this method is that you can deal with unwanted body hair even at home without spending the time or money. Relatively cheap!

Another good thing about using wax or sugar epilating method is that it allows you to learn how to remove hair mechanically. What do I mean by Mechanical? It simply means after applying wax or sugar paste to the skin, you place strips of paper on the area, then you remove with one sharp movement then the hair comes out with the paper.  The only drawback about this method is that the procedure can be quite painful and uncomfortable while peeling off the hair.  In the long run all hair removal methods have their disadvantages.

How to remove hair with photo epilator and laser:

Photo epilation involves the destruction of hair follicles and preventing the growth of unwanted hair by using directional how to remove hairlight emission of high intensity (hence the name). Laser hair removal involves the same process and also achieves similar results but it uses directional laser radiation. Both methods of hair removal are expensive; they are not as cheap as the traditional methods of hair removal. However, the relatively high cost of these procedures are justified because they provide much more consistent results for  a long time unlike the wax or sugar epilation method – and, more importantly, with each successive procedure the hair becomes weaker, thinner, and less noticeable.

You have to understand that both traditional and modern methods of hair removal are effective but the only difference is how long it lasts. The method you use totally depends on your budget and the part of your body you want to remove hair from. Whichever way just keep in mind that you can always pull off a perfectly smooth and hairless skin.

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